Online Gambling Pros And Cons

Welcome to We’re not here to discuss whether or not you should gamble. Responsible gaming is one of America’s favorite pastimes. From the poker game in the back room of the barber shop to the glitziest Vegas casinos, and of course, on the internet, gambling fun, usually safe and for the most part, legal.

We’re going to explore the differences between gambling online versus gambling on site, and we’ll point out the positives and negatives of both, while trying to remain neutral. We’ll leave it to you to decide in which manner you’ll most enjoy your gaming experience.

Pros + Benefits Of Online Gaming

Above all else, the advent of the internet has served to bring the casino the living room, and that has allowed millions of people to enjoy the thrills, the excitement and the occasional disappointment that are all part of the casino gambling experience. Here a few of the more prominent benefits of choosing the online option over the on-site visit.


As much as anything, the fact that the “casino” is as close as your computer screen is a strong enticement. Hundreds of legal online casino sites offer so many games it often becomes hard to slow down long enough to play one. The opportunity to choose and play these games from the comfort of home, without getting dressed up, driving across town or across state, and waiting for a seat at the table, makes online games attractive to millions.


Gambling, the “for real money” kind, by its nature costs money. There are few fifty-fifty propositions in the casino, at the poker table, or at the race track. That’s why there are odds. Even the most intelligent and savvy gamers lose more often than they win. But the enticement is, for most of us, the fun and excitement of the challenge.

So while we often don’t expect to win big, we also don’t want to spend a lot of money on extraneous items and superfluous trivia that offer nothing to enhance our overall fun. Gambling online helps avoid those added expenses that reduce our level of enjoyment by draining funds we could otherwise dedicate to building the pot when we’ve filled that inside straight.


Having a wad of cash in your pocket and a hefty balance available at the ATM can be great feeling – until someone steals your wallet. Then the prospects become very daunting. That can happen, and often does, at land-based casinos, and the resulting loss of funds and potential for identity theft is devastating.

Won’t happen, of course, to those people who choose the online casino option. By frequenting a reliable site with the proper security software, all your funds are secure, your identity is protected, and you enjoyment will not be compromised by the less-than-admirable actions of others.


Let’s face it – sometimes it’s just better when a bunch of people don’t know what you’re doing. Not there’s anything wrong with gambling, on site or online, but some people will take what they know, or what they think they know, about you and your activities and run with it. By choosing to enjoy legal gambling online, rather than in the glare of the public eye, you alleviate the need to look over your shoulder for the office gadfly who would like nothing better than to tell everyone what you’ve been up to.


This is perhaps the best reason to make the web your first gambling stop. By logging on to a legal, well-run and inclusive gaming site, you can find all your favorite casino games, plus poker tourneys, and sports betting – many of which may not be available or even legal in the state in which you reside.

If you live in Utah, you’ll have to go to Wyoming to place a bet on a horse. If you live in Georgia, you’ll have to go to Florida or Mississippi to play craps, roulette or slots. If you have a computer, you can do it all, anytime you want, no matter where you live.

Cons + Drawbacks Of Online Gaming

While there are obvious, and maybe not so obvious, reasons why gambling at home, online, legally, is the preferred choice of many gamers, there is something to be said for “being there”. Here are a few reasons why some may prefer the tableside experience over the keyboard version.


Some people simply like to be around other people when enjoying the gambling experience. The sights, the sounds and the smells can’t really be duplicated at the online level, although some come very close. But if you hit it big at home, no one’s going to pound you on the back and buy you a drink.


When gambling online, you’re required to put up the money just like at the casino – but not just for one small wager. Most sites require a minimum of at least $20.00, sometimes $50.00 or more, before you can wager five bucks. And winning, and collecting, requires you to wait hours, days or even weeks for your payback.

At the casino, that big pot you just raked in at the poker table is yours as soon as you get to the cage. A two-hundred dollar spit out from your favorite slot is legal tender immediately, so you can “reinvest”, or go get that $80.00 steak dinner you’ve been salivating over all day, and do it right this minute.


I know we discussed this issue as a “pro”, but there’s a “con” factor as well. Unless you’ve really done your research and verified that the site you’re visiting is safe and secure, you can’t be sure that your identity and credit card information is protected. Anytime you provide personal information online you run the risk of losing much more than money, so unless your confidence level is high, you may want to avoid the online gaming option. Keep in mind, though, that sites like ours will always warn you if there’s someplace you simply shouldn’t go.

Now It's Time For You To Decide...

So, there you have it – the pro’s and con’s. There is always a glass half-full/half empty discussion to be had when considering two or more ways to accomplish the same thing. Let’s assume that you enjoy legal casino gambling. Now it’s a matter of choosing your favorite game, determining the odds, and placing your bet.

You can do all of that two ways – on site, or online. To do it on site, you need to get packed. To do it online, well, how about now?